Summer Benefits

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Summer is the perfect time for swimming, barbeques and cricket, but unfortunately the warm days can bring unpleasant side-effects: stifling hot living areas, uncomfortably warm nights, and escalating cooling costs. Fortunately, a Twista whirlybird can help.

Living below an oven

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During the summer months, your roof space acts as an enormous oven; the suns rays continually heat the air trapped within it, and the temperatures within can often reach 60 degrees Celsius. In extreme weather, the temperature of the air can climb as high as 75 degrees!

Your living areas sit directly below this huge bank of heat, and are adversely affected - temperatures will rise.

Is insulation enough?

Insulation is certainly useful in preventing heat build up in your home, but it only passively delays the transfer of this heat from the roof cavity to your living areas, and only by a few hours.

Getting rid of the heat

Removing the heat from the roof cavity is the surest way to reduce the temperature transfer. By installing Twista ventilators the roof cavity has no opportunity to heat up to extreme temperatures. This means greater comfort inside your home, and reduced costs - your fans and air-conditioning systems will not have to work as hard to cool your home.