Do Whirlybirds Work? The Truth!

Do Whirlybirds Work? The Truth!

There are a lot of opinions online regarding whether whirlybirds really work. To save you time and hassle, we have answered a range of important questions regarding whirlybirds.

Cost Benefit Of Installing Whirlybirds

Do Whirlybirds Work?

What do our customers say about the whirlybirds that have been installed on their homes and commercial properties?

"A few years back you installed 4 Twista roof vents at our Kellyville home. They have made a huge difference to the comfort of the house and really do their job. Many thanks." - Marc Webb

We had 2 Twistas installed on our house about 18 months ago. Wow! What a difference this has made to the comfort inside our house in the summer months. We actually felt the difference in the house about half an hour after the installation. Because the hot air in the roof space had gone, it felt as if the house had lost a heaviness or headache from the top of the house. The air in the house felt lighter and cooler. We have had these Twistas for two summers now. We do not come home on hot summer days to a sweltering top floor. On those days, the temperature inside the house is pleasant and light. Since installing the Twistas, we have rarely used our air-conditioner in the summer months. Also, the young man who came to install these units was on time, efficient and friendly. We have encouraged many of our friends to install these Twistas. We're so very happy that we did so. Best thing we have spent on our house! "- Kim and June -Maroubra

"I had a Twista installed this week, felt the difference within half an hour... wonderful. My friend [from overseas] was very impressed, but says she can't find anything like this there.I am so pleased with my twister !! I can actually sleep in my bedroom without the ceiling fan on. Best (cool) wishes," - Lanette Nielsen

How Do Roof Whirlybirds Work?

Why is it hotter in your house than outside during a sunny summer day? On a scorching hot summer day, the roof cavity of your house or office acts as a heat sink. The radiated heat from the roof permeates throughout the roof cavity and leeches down through your ceiling. The roof cavity in the majority of Australian homes is not segmented, hence the heat radiates throughout every room in your home.

Radiated heat from the roof can add 25% to 35% of the heat gain to a home.

What Is The Difference Between A Whirlybird And Just Having Eave Vents?

If your roof is a massive heat sink, wouldn't having eave vents be enough to allow circulation throughout your roof cavity.

Unfortunately not.

To highlight this point, where are the eave vents in your roof cavity. They are in your eaves, on the bottom of your roof cavity. What happens to hot air? It rises!

This is one of the main reasons why whirlybirds are so incredibly effective at reducing the overall temperature of your property on hot days. The super-heated air is forced out of the roof cavity thanks to natural convection forces.

This creates a vacuum effect in your roof cavity, so cooler outside air is sucked in through your eave vents creating a more comfortable environment in your home.

What Do The Fins On A Whirlybird Do?

If whirlybirds were only powered by natural convection forces in your home, they would be an effective cooling system. But there is another force that ensures whirlybirds are impressively effective!

The unique fin system that surrounds the whirlybird ensures that even the slightest breeze rotates the whirlybird. This rotation movement helps the system to actively suck heated air up through the turbine and expel it.

As the 32 dual ribbed vacuum blades are uniquely positioned all around the whirlybird, it doesn't matter which way the wind is blowing, it is always blowing the right way!

Whereas fans just move the hot air around your home, roof ventilators actively extract hot air from your property.

Can A Whirlybird Save You Money?

During a heatwave, the temperature of the air in your roof can climb to 80 degrees. By expelling this heated air from your roof cavity you can reduce your reliance on air conditioning.

How Much Does Your Air Conditioner Cost To Run?

According to Canstar, “seven out of ten Australian households suspect that air conditioning is the largest contributor to their electricity bills.

The average reverse cycle air conditioner can cost around $0.95 an hour to cool a large area. A really big money drain is a ducted whole-house reverse cycle air conditioner that can cost up to $3.45 per hour.

So if you can reduce your reliance on the air conditioning on moderately hot days and only have to use it on really extreme days, you could save around $12 to $40 per day if you are using it for only 12 hours each day.

Energy retailers highlight that you can expect to pay around $1000 per summer for operating a ducted air conditioner.

Even if you can reduce your reliance on air conditioning by even just 1/3, you can enjoy significant annual savings.

So what is stopping you?

Enjoy free and effective cooling power from natural convection and wind forces today.

Our Twista whirlybirds are the best value for money roof ventilators in Australia. We have invested heavily in the design and testing of our products to ensure they provide class-leading durability and performance.

3 Reasons You Will Love Our Whirlybirds

  1. All Metal Construction – Unlike cheaper alternatives, our whirlybird uses two heavy-duty all-steel bearings. The rotating head of the ventilator is supported by eight high-rise ribs for class-leading durability. If you have been searching for a long-lasting roof ventilator that can handle the harsh Australian elements, you will love the all-metal construction of our Twista whirlybird.
  2. Silent Operation – There would be nothing as annoying as a squeaking roof ventilator making noise through a long hot summer night. Yet that is what some Australians suffer when they purchase a cheap imported whirlybird. Thankfully, we can help you sleep better at night with our innovative whirlybird which operates silently. Enjoy the cooling power of our high-performance roof ventilation system with out being hassled by a squeaking and whistling whirlybird.
  3. Made In Australia – We take great pride in ensuring each and every unit undertakes extensive quality control and testing. Made in Western Sydney for Australian conditions, we are confident that we have the ultimate whirlybird for Australian households. If you have any questions about our whirlybirds please don't hesitate in giving us a call today on 1300 797 714.

Do you have any questions about whether a whirlybird will work for your specific roof construction? Our helpful staff have assisted thousands of property owners throughout Australia to find the right roof ventilation system for their unique circumstances. Give the team a call today on 1300 797 714 and they will be happy to provide you with their expert advice and guidance.

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