Do Whirlybirds Leak?

Do Whirlybirds Leak?

Whirlybirds do not leak when they are installed by a professional according to the manufacturer's instructions. Tens of thousands of property owners throughout Australia can provide testimony that their roof ventilator does not leak during even the most intense rainstorm.

When properly installed a whirlybird has a completely waterproof seal that ensures that no rain can leak through the membrane.

Twista whirlybirds are 100% waterproof!

Does Water Come In The Fins When It Is Windy And Raining?

Thanks to the rotational force of the whirlybird, water can not enter into fins of the whirlybird. The angle of the fins and the spinning forces ensure that the water can not gain a point of entry and is spun off the whirlybird.

Do Whirlybirds Let Rain In If There Is No Wind?

If you examine the structure of our whirlybird you will see that the angle of the fin allows water to run down the outside of the fins and onto the exterior of the roof. Even if there is heavy rain and no wind, the whirlybird will not let rain into the roof cavity.

Are Twista Whirlybirds Waterproof?

We are very proud that we can advertise that our Twista whirlybirds are 100% waterproof. Our ingenious design has been tested under the most extreme conditions. We are totally confident that our class-leading whirlybird is 100% waterproof when installed by a professional according to our manufacturer instructions.

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How Can A Whirlybird Help A Moist Roof Cavity?

One of the reasons why so many property owners in Sydney have chosen to install our whirlybirds on their home is to help keep their roof cavity dry. By utilising natural wind and convection forces, the whirlybird removes moist air from the roof cavity. This creates a dry environment in your cavity that can prevent mould growth and create a more comfortable environment throughout your home.

Mould thrives in cool, dark and moist environments, so installing a whirlybird that removes moist air from your property is a great option for reducing mould growth in your home.

Those long hot showers that you have in winter may fill your bathroom with steam. Where does that moisture go when you turn on the extraction fan in your bathroom? Straight into your roof cavity.

By installing a 100% waterproof Twista whirlybird onto your roof you can create a dry and well-ventilated environment in your roof cavity. Improve the air movement throughout your house and create a healthier atmosphere in your home.

Easily remove steam, condensation and odours from your home.

Stay cool in summer and dry in winter.

Australia's Favourite Whirlybirds

Since 1999, the Twista whirlybird has been helping Australian families reduce their reliance on expensive air-conditioning during long hot summer days. Create a more pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in your family home.

  • Premium quality materials

  • Designed, tested and manufactured in Australia

  • 100% waterproof

  • Silent operation

  • High-quality ventilation system

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