See the Twista Roof Ventilator Advantage!


There are a variety of roof ventilator and whirlybird solutions to choose from, so you might ask: Why choose Twista?

Noisy, Expensive Alternatives

Many other systems have lots of drawbacks. Powered ventilation systems can be highly effective at ventilating roof space, but can be noisy and expensive, and are not at all eco-friendly.

The Twista roof ventilator works silently, and with absolutely no power source at all. This means that there are no further costs after installation, and it also means that it is environmentally friendly. Further, the unique, design of the Twista roof ventilator means that rain does not get into the roof as some other ventilation systems can allow.

Ventilators That Last

The Twista Roof Ventilator is a high-quality system. Many other brands of roof ventilators are made with the cheapest materials possible, using small plastic bearings, and weak supporting joints. This guarantees a short life for such ventilators. And before they fail completely, these flimsy ventilators are not working as efficiently as the Twista roof ventilator - poor construction means that many ventilators have difficulty rotating, and when they do rotate they can produce loud scraping and thumping sounds.


The Twista ventilator is an all-metal construction and is made to last. We choose heavy-duty, all-steel bearings to support the rotating head of the ventilator, which is further supported by eight high-rise ribs. This means that the Twista roof ventilator will last.

Bigger Can Be Better

The Twista Roof Ventilator comes in a large 420mm diameter size. Many other roof ventilators are only 300mm in diameter, and the extra size of the Twista - 97% bigger in fact - means that it can shift the heat from your roof much more effectively.

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