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Thursday 10th December 2015


A few years back you installed 4 Twista roof vents at our Kellyville home. They have made a huge difference to the comfort of the house and really do their job.

Many thanks.

Marc Webb

Monday 23rd June 2014

Hi Linda

I just wanted to say thank you to you and Peter for your great communication and professional and friendly service. We would highly recommend the Twista Roof Ventilators. Great work guys, keep it up.

Kind regards

Angelique Elysee

Friday 20th December 2013

(P.S. the service was excellent from the time I originally made the call to the time the installer finished the installation, will highly recommend to all my friends)


Tuesday December 10th 2013

"Peter the contractor was excellent! I totally recommend him and he is the reason we are booking in another property. He was very professional and friendly. Thank you"

Mark, Chatswood.

Mon, 18 Nov 2013

Hi Twista,

I just wanted to email and say I was most impressed with the Contractor.

From my previous emails you may understand, I am generally less than impressed with most trades persons.

However I must say the contractor was a fantastic installer for the Twista roof ventilator.

He was on time, worked very efficiently and ensured that he looked after my home - a trait sadly most tradies do not demonstrate.

Would you please pass on my appreciation to the Contractor?

B. Henderson
Glenmore Park NSW

Wednesday 6th Nov 2013 by phone:

"I'm calling to express how happy I am at the service provided this morning by the contractors.

They came on time, very professional with their attitude towards the job, they had very good manners.

They did a fantastic job complying with what my wife requested."

Chris W

Monday 30th September 2013

I would like to thank the gentlemen who installed the Twista roof ventilators at our house in Leichhardt on 30/09/2013.

Their proffesionalism and courteous manner were no less than exceptional, if only more trades people were like this...

Regards Pete Kafka...

Tuesday 20th August 2013

We are very happy with the work done; John & Michael have done a very good job. We would have no hesitation in recommending the Twista roof ventilator to others.


B & L Grogan

Thu 25.07.2013

Thanks for the good service and easy communications.


W. Miller, Budgewoi

Tuesday 9th July 2013

John the contractor came in today. he was a diligent person, very good & I'm happy with his work.

Glen I.
Eastwood NSW

Wednesday 3rd July 2013

The contractor was punctual, polite & well mannered, great service.

Thursday 20th June 2013

John was punctual, informative, very professional, he cleaned up after himself but he was mostly very informative, great service.

Dee, East Ryde.

Thursday 16th May 2013

We had 2 Twistas installed on our house about 18 months ago.

Wow! What a difference this has made to the comfort inside our house in the summer months.

We actually felt the difference in the house about half an hour after the installation. Because the hot air in the roof space had gone, it felt as if the house had lost a heaviness or headache from the top of the house. The air in the house felt lighter and cooler.

We have had these Twistas for two summers now. We do not come home on hot summer days to a sweltering top floor. On those days, the temperature inside the house is pleasant and light.

Since installing the Twistas, we have rarely used our air-conditioner in the summer months.

Also, the young man who came to install these units was on time, efficient and friendly.

We have encouraged many of our friends to install these Twistas.

We're so very happy that we did so. Best thing we have spent on our house!

Kim and June


Wednesday May 15th 2013

The contractor has just finished installing three Twista vents for me.

He did an excellent job and gave great customer service.

Craig E. Merewether

Monday 13th May 2013

The Twistas have been installed.

Great product, great workmen, everything reliable.

Satisfied customer.

Thank you

Michael. Bondi Junction.

Monday 18th February 2013

I had a Twista installed this week, felt the difference within half an hour... wonderful. My friend [from overseas] was very impressed, but says she can't find anything like this there.

I am so pleased with my twister !! I can actually sleep in my bedroom without the ceiling fan on.

Best (cool) wishes,
Lanette Nielsen

Tuesday January 22nd 2013

I just need to let you know how impressed I am with the roof vents. We had 3 Twista Deluxe models installed this morning. I was astonished that the installer Steve arrived on time and then totally blew me away by finishing before his estimated time. Wow is all I can say. This is unheard of. He was polite, tidy and informative.

I'll let you know what difference we notice in the temp of our house. Last week when it was 47 outside our ducted air con was blowing in air at 30 degrees. The roof area was super heated. It was better turned off.

Many Thanks,

Saturday 1st December 2012

Just want to say how pleased we are with the 3 Twistas we had installed and the astonishing difference they have made. This would have to be the most hassle free transaction I have ever had! Well done. BTW: The guy who installed them arrived early (as requested) and had it done and dusted before I left for work at 8 am


J Adams

Thursday 25th October 2012

I have had three twistas installed this morning by a young man called Josh and I would like you to know that both, my wife and I, were very pleased with Josh who did an efficient fast and clean job, and with a smile on his face.

Joe Ben Mayor

Monday October 15th 2012

I am very impressed with the product and the immediate difference it made to air temperature and promotion of breezes within the house.

Using a temperature gun I did a quick before and after. The interior ceiling temperature dropped from 33C (3pm day before) to 27C at the same time of day and there was a marked increase in airflow. The underside of the roof dropped from 43c to 35c the day after. The Brisbane spring weather was stable (calm, clear and 23C both days).

I noticed the Twista spinning when the air was calm, generating a draught inside the house as the warming roof space air was siphoned out. I have roof insulation and a vent in the bathroom. I also noticed the neighbours whirlybird wasn't spinning anywhere near as quickly presumably due to smaller diameter, and worn bearings. I am glad I bought a quality Australian product.


To: The Twista Roof Ventilator Company
Wednesday, 5 September 2012
Attention Manager; TESTEMONIAL

I am writing to thank you Company for the supply and installation of 3 Twista roof ventilators on our home at Horsley Park recently.

I was actually contemplating to purchase 3x 300 mm ones from the local hardware and have them installed by a friend.

After having inspected the 420mm Twistas I am so glad that you managed to do us the good deal that you have. I was particularly impressed by the design of the multy stage impeller system and the general robustness of the units, as you can appreciate we live on the hill top with severe wind turbulence it would be a major concern with anything of inferior quality.

My sincere thanks to Corey the installer we discussed the installation and unit location to have the house looking symmetrical once again he was egger to please nothing was a problem.

I have already recommended installations to my friends and would have no hesitation to recommend Twista to anybody needing roof ventilation improvements.

Yours Sincerely,
Mark K

22nd May, 2012

Dear Twista,

Just wanted to provide my feedback after the installation of two Twista Deluxe roof ventilators.

The installer contacted me when he said he would, arrived right on time, provided his advice on the optimum positioning of the ventilators (keeping in mind my requirements) and completed the job quickly, cleanly and efficiently.

Can you please pass on my comments to the installer.

Many thanks

20th March 2012

Dear Twista, thank you for installing my Twista vents yesterday. Unbelievable difference to the inside of the house. It now feels fresh & alive.

Many thanks & best wishes. Marjory

5th Jan 2012

Just dropping you a note to say we are so happy with our two Twister Ventilators we purchased early December.

We can feel a noticeable change in the upstairs of our home. The installer did a great job and from my husband: he was very pleasant and it only took him a short time to install them.

Have a great year!

Lyndy & George Chmil

5th January, 2012

I would like to compliment the highly professional, yet very relaxed approach to business.

You have an extremely pleasant voice. Any questions I had, you simply answered with ease and confidence.

This in turn made me feel confident with the product. You are a credit to Twista Industries.

Additionally, all emails were conducted within an excellent time frame.
Please ensure my comments are passed to your superiors.

Kind regards,

Graham Maranda
Inner West Sydney

6th December 2011

This is just a note to say Thank You for the Twista's.

I do not think we have dealt with anyone for a long time that kept us informed of any progress being made on an order. You are all to be congratulated and we thank you very much. Our 3 Twista's arrived on Monday and we hope to have them installed when it stops raining.

Again Thank You
Kind Regards
Annette and Bill Merchant

PS: We would be more than happy for you to let people know who do not live in Cities it is very possible for them to receive The Twista

6th December 2011

I contacted Twista Roof ventilators. Though I heard about the quality of the material and workmanship of the products from a few people, I was pleasantly surprised to experience that the Service is equally as good.

The communication was excellent and professional. They were able to suggest the number of ventilators needed, gave me options of colors to make my final selection. Booking the installer was real easy. A professional courteous installer showed up on time and finished the job in a timely manner. I am very pleased with the whole experience. Being a Business coach, I am always critical of poor service, this is a service that I highly recommend.

Sam Zughbaba - ActionCoach

7th October 2011

During the last two weeks we have had 2 units fitted to our home. We would like to pass on our thanks to the contractor who carried out the work..

He did an excellent job, came with a great attitude and having only ordered one unit he explained the value in fitting two which he organised and returned and fitted. We only fitted the second unit because we found his explanation sensible and trustworthy.

We also found the young ladies from the customer service area first class and will be passing on recommendations to our contacts who may be looking for a Twista type ventilator.

Graham and Marie

3rd August 2011

Dear Sir/Madam:

RE: Appreciation for job well done

We would like to express our appreciation to your contractor John for making a professional clean finish in the installation of our Twista 'whirlybird'.

Your Trades people have done an excellent job in ensuring that the Twista whirlybird was installed on the proper side of our roof to ensure maximum cooling for our roof.

Please pass on our appreciation to John

Thank YOU.
Benjamin & Carmen Indolos
19 Tulloch St.
Blacktown, NSW 2148

Mr. & Mrs. Pasad
NSW 2036
20th of July 2011

To whom it may concern,

In early July 2011 I rang Twista on the 1300 number to request for some Twista (Whirlybird) to be installed at my property in Botany.

The tradesman showed me the Twista and then did the work in a very diligent manner. I had installed a few Whirlybirds earlier by another company, but this person was a very efficient worker as he checked what part of the roof to fit it unlike the old ones which were installed in wrong places.

This Twista does very good work in removing heat from the roof cavity. We are very impressed with the work done by this tradesman.

I have great pleasure in recommending anyone to get the service of this company in installing Twista on their roof.

Yours faithfully
Mr. Pasad

We bought 2 roof ventilators for our house in July 2009 - Great Product.

John R.
Manly Vale

3.5 years my Twisters have been installed and still working as well as the day I installed them, silently venting the roof space 24x7. The roof space no longer heats up in Summer, which in turn has reduced the heat inside the house - I don't use an air-conditioner through the heat of summer. They have the added bonus of allowing light into the roof space, which makes it easier to climb around up there on the odd occasion.

Thanks again :)
A. Wilkin

Dear Twista

In the middle of January I decided I needed to do something about the extreme heat that would hang around up stairs in my town house. It would be hard to sleep at night because of the heat.

A friend recommended I get some roof vents and suggested you.

I had 3 installed on my home and was very happy with the results. Not only can I sleep at night as it reduced the heat up stairs dramatically, but the house seems a lot cooler on those hot summer days as well.

It was a great investment to make and I will be recommending you to everybody. Thank you very much for your great product.

Thanks again
D. Lenard
Bradbury NSW 2560

Dear Sir/ Madam

Re: Twista's

After the high temperatures in February and with a master bedroom with a solid brick wall on the western side of the house this room seemed hotter than the rest of the house and the air conditioner did not seem to cool the room very much at all.

When reading the Sunday paper and seeing an advertisement for Twista's we decided to buy a couple for our house. Having one installed near the master bedroom and the second one near main bathroom and two bedrooms. Within in a couple of day's we noticed the master bedroom was not as hot without the air conditioner running and also when air conditioner was running it was not working as hard or as long.

Also on suite and bathroom (two separate rooms which do not have air-conditioning vents) are cooler than before, that where usually very hot.

Yours faithfully
Mrs. G. Harris
Ruse NSW 2560

My wife and I just want to say a big thank you to the Installer from Twista for installing the four Twista Deluxe at our home last Tuesday. Already we have noticed a difference in the freshness in the home. Humidity has been a huge problem to me since I spent some four months in hospital after a major illness over 8 year's ago. I don't cope with the humidity as well as I did before my Illness.

Something else we really appreciated was that the Installer noticed that one of the roof tiles was broken, so he kindly replaced it with another one he had removed to put in the Twista. He also advised us on what to do regarding ongoing maintenance of the existing tiles and the telltale signs of wearing or cracked tiles. We can now follow through on this.

It was a pleasure to have the Installer to do the installation at our home.

Thank you.

D. Wilson
Shell Cove

I am writing to thank you for being the most customer service focused. It has been a real pleasure dealing with you.

You responded to my email enquiry in an amazingly short time, you contacted me (almost immediately) and then went on to tell me precisely what would happen and when it would happen AND it all happened precisely as you advised me.

I truly commend you, especially the sales person and the installer who were very professional and organised.

I already have recommended you to others and will continue to do so at every opportunity, as dealing with you has been such a pleasant and satisfying experience.

Many thanks as you have restored my faith that there are people who have the people and systems in place to satisfy consumers.

Best regards

Karin Daugulis - Gymea

To whom it may concern,

On the 17/03/2011 the installer put 3 Twista on my roof. I would like to thank you for a quick and neat installation, also within minutes I could feel a decrease in humidity in my home.

I'm very happy with your product.
Thank you very much,
P. Seaton

Just to let you know that (the contractor) has just finished installing our Twista (x4).

Also I would like to let you know that the contractor was extremely helpful in advising the best place to put the twistas and professional in carrying out the job, he called to advise when he was coming and arrived spot on time.

Many thanks
Mick & Kyla Sparkes

Dear Twista,

We moved into our current home in the middle of one of the warmest summers for many years. The home had no insulation whatsoever. It felt like an oven that could not be cooled. Immediately after the installer left we noticed a dramatic difference in temperature. The heat was considerably reduced.

When told how Twista's make a difference we were skeptical. However we would gladly recommend the Twista ventilators to everyone as they really do make a dramatic difference. We would also like to thank the installer for the efficiency of installation. He was finished so quickly we had to go and look to make sure they were really there.

Peter T.

Dear Twista,

I would just like to thank you for the professional way in which you conducted yourselves in the installation of the TWISTA'S in my home. The three 420mm Twista's most certainly have taken the heat right out of my living areas in my home.

I am really pleased with the result that the Twista's have made. If anybody wants a recommendation about Twista I would only be too happy to tell them.

Thanks again,
Kevin Anderson

I am writing to let you know how very happy I am with my two new Twista's. Straight away I felt a difference in the heat that used to build up inside my home. My home now is a lot fresher and cooler. The installer was also very helpful and friendly. Thanks Twista.

Mrs. Isabel Semeao