How Many Roof Ventilators Do I Need On My House?

how many whirly birds

To maximise the effectiveness of your Roof Ventilators, it is essential to choose the right amount of Roof Ventilators for your roof. Our Whirly Bird sale page offers a sale price, and answers the question how many Whirly Birds do I need? There are many factors to consider which can affect this decision, but there is one simple formula to help you in your decision making process.

For optimum air circulation we recommend one whirly bird for every 25m2 of roof space.

The simple maxim behind this formula is that the larger the roof space, the greater the volume of air that can harbor moisture and maintain heat, hence the greater the ventilation required. This formula will provide you with the ideal number of ventilators to adequately ventilate your house. This is only a simple formula that does not compensate for external variables, such as the internal structure of your roof, and the prevalent winds and environmental factors unique to your area.

Some contemporary roofs consist of enclosed cavities that isolate sections of your roof cavity. Consequently, additional Roof Ventilators may be required to ensure airflow in all areas of your house. There are many benefits in Summer of roof ventilators, but the most important benefit is the decrease of heat. If after considering this formula you are still unsure of how many roof ventilators you will need, please call 1300 797 714. You will be able to talk to one of our experienced operators, who will happily assist you in calculating how many Twista roof vents you will require.