Tips For A Warm Home in Winter

In those months of blustery rain you want to do everything you can to keep warm. Here are a few tips to keep you comfortable during the winter months without spending the earth. In fact, you'll be helping the earth!

Woman beside fireplace

  • Don't heat rooms you aren't using - shut doors, and plug gaps under them with draught stoppers.
  • Open and close curtains according to the conditions outside. If it's a lovely sunny morning, open them wide to let as much sunlight into your home as possible. If it clouds over later close the curtains to keep the heat inside, and the cold out!
  • Install an insulator blanket on your hot water tank. If you live in one of the colder areas of Australia this can greatly reduce the effect cold air has on your hot water system, and it will have to do less work to give you hot water on demand.
  • Rug up - wear layer over layer and rug up to stay warm and lower the burden on the heating system. Remember something on your feet too!
  • Seal any gaps to the cold weather outside. Check window seals and door seals, and in some homes even around electrical sockets!
  • Decorate with some rugs. If your home has tiles and hardwood throughout much of it you can give the place a fresh look a the same time as warming it up. Cold feet will make the rest of you cold, so separating you from a cold floor with a natural rug can do much to improve your comfort.