Tips For A Cool Home in Summer

Summer can be stifling, but before you run to turn on the air conditioner, you might be able to cool yourself down with some energy saving alternatives:

lower thermostat temperature

  • Circulate before you condition. They still use electricity, but fans use a lot less energy than the air conditioner, so consider turning on a ceiling or pedestal fan instead - air movement can cool you down by a few degrees.
  • How low do you go? 20 degrees? 21? Setting your air conditioning a few degrees higher can save a ton of money! Try setting your air conditioning to 23 degrees Celsius - each degree lower can add 10 per cent to the cost.
  • Don't cool rooms you aren't using - shut doors, or use your air conditioners zoning feature.
  • Close windows and doors on the heat. Thick curtains over windows can also help to keep the heat from seeping into rooms.
  • Shade is cool. During the hottest part of the day a window can absorb 10 times as much heat as the same area of an insulated wall, so shading external windows can really help. Do this with awnings, external blinds, plants and trees - but keep any shrubbery clear of any walls so as not to encourage mould growth in winter.
  • Seal large gaps to the hot weather outside. Ventilation is important, but gaps larger than a 10mm could have an adverse affect.
  • Wear season appropriate clothing - natural fibres, like cotton, silk and wool can be more comfortable in the summer months.
  • Hot jobs like cooking or ironing will add extra heat to your home, so try to put them off until cooler parts of the day. It might be a good excuse to head outside and cook on the electric BBQ for dinner - that'll avoid adding heat to your home!