The Twista Ventilator Company

The Twista Roof Ventilator has been helping people find environmentally friendly ventilation solutions since 2002. Homes and businesses around Australia are now using the Twista whirlybirds to cool their homes in summer, and rid their homes of moisture in winter.

Twista Roof Ventilators

The unique Twista design is the effort of Gabriel Andrews, the product inventor. Gabriel started working in the building industry in 1983, but by 1989 he had started to help people find natural, eco-friendly methods to ventilate their homes. It was ten years later, in 1999, that Gabriel designed the unique, Australian-built roof ventilator that became the Twista. Further enhancements to the design were made in collaboration with Lee Blattman.

In 2002 Gabriel formed Twista to bring the ventilator design to market. Since then the Twista roof ventilators have been working to keep Australian homes cooler and dryer.