Frequently Asked Questions

How many Twistas Roof Ventilators do I need?

We recommend that one Twista Roof Vent be installed for every 50 – 60 m2 of roof space and under eave vents for optimum air circulation. For a diagram see how many Whirly Birds do I need?

Does the Twista require electricity or solar power to run?

Twista Roof Ventilators do not require any power to run. They are an environmentally friendly product that requires no energy.

Is the Twista Roof Ventilator noisy?

Twista Roof Ventilators are totally silent. You will forget they are even there!

Does the Twista Roof Ventilator need maintenance?

Twista Roof Ventilators are made from high quality colorbond steel with 2 hardened full steel bearings neither of which requires maintenance.

Does the Twista Roof Ventilator come with a fire-rating?

It is most unlikely that any product on a roof can be fully fire-rated against a blazing fire... not even your home!

How many tiles are removed to fit a Twista Roof Ventilator? Are the tiles left behind?

Normally two tiles are removed per Twista Roof Ventilator and these are left with you. You can have a look at the installation instructions to see how the Twista roof ventilator is fitted.

What type of ceiling vents do you recommend?

We stock open vents, which are recommended for kitchen, laundry and hallway areas. We also have a closable ceiling vent which is recommended for living areas, bedrooms, etc. The closable vent allows you to open and close them during different seasons using an operational wand.

Does it matter where the Twistas are fitted?

On the day of installation the installer will advise you of the best positions for your Roof Ventilators. The Twista Roof Ventilators will extract the summer heat on a roof cavity from East, West, North and South positions.

What happens if I have Sarking? (also known as Sisalation or silver foil blanket)

The sarking will need to be cut around the Twista Roof Ventilators for the units to work.

Isn't insulation enough?

No. The insulation only passively delays the transfer of heat from the hot roof into your living areas, whereas the Twista Roof Ventilator is continually expelling the hot air out of the roof space. Twistas can work very effectively in conjunction with insulation.

Will it save me money?

Yes, it certainly will. The installation of the Roof Ventilators results in electrical appliances such as air conditioners, fans and evaporative coolers not being used as often or as long as before.

What happens if I want to re-spray or paint my roof after my Twista Roof Ventilators are fitted?

We encourage you to fit the Twista Roof Ventilators after your roof is re-sprayed. However in the event the Twista Roof Ventilators are already fitted, you would need to ensure they are completely covered from head to base to ensure no paint spray enters the head (this will void the product warranty*).

Will the Twista Roof Ventilators leak?

Twista Roof Ventilators are 100% waterproof when installed correctly. The blades are designed to deflect the rain.

Will I feel a difference straight away once the Twista Roof Ventilators are installed?

Our customers say that they feel an effect immediately.

How does the Twista Deluxe Roof Ventilator differ from other ventilators on the market?

The Twista is a sturdier, more effective ventilator than others on the market, and it comes with a 25 Month warranty*. You can see more of the design differences in our section on the Twista Ventilator Advantage.

* see terms and conditions for more information.

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